Are There Fire Dangers Hidden In Your Walls?

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You may consider your home fire-safe, but dangers can hide anywhere. … don't think of wiring as a danger, because it's out of sight behind walls,” says Lorraine Carli of the NFPA. … Is it any wonder 41 percent of home fires start in the kitchen?

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Some major causes of house fires have nothing to do with user error and everything to do with fire dangers hidden in your walls.

Nov 5, 2010 … 3 Fire Dangers Hidden Inside Your Walls … name or the word “aluminum” printed or embossed anywhere there's exposed wiring, like an attic or …

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Jul 22, 2018 … You never knew these hidden fire hazards in your home could cause a house fire . … fires, there's still a chance you might experience one in your lifetime. … electrical wiring very often — after all, it's hidden behind the walls.

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Keep your family and property safe by being mindful of these hidden fire dangers in your home.

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Some electrical fire dangers are hidden inside the walls, but if you know … But there are other electrical fire dangers in your home that, while they may not be as  …

Arc Faults Have you ever seen a spark jump through the air? Well that kind of thing can happen inside your walls and cause a fire. Any damaged wiring—whether from age or something like drilling into the wall—could create an arc fault and send an electrical current off its intended path. How to spot it: It’s tough. Like, nearly impossible.