Moving Your Business Can Actually Be a Good Thing!

Talk about a busy few weeks – we’ve moved offices, changed websites and tried to do a few electrical jobs in between! I’d like to share a few analogies I’ve learned along the way that demonstrate how similar those two “moves” can actually be to each other:

A change of scenery can be good. It’s always nice to have a change of scenery from time to time so that you notice different things. Even though we enjoyed our time in downtown Conover, we believe the move to a more industrial location off Fairgrove Church Road will be a beneficial one for our electrical contracting business in the long term. And by the way, if you haven’t eaten at Thai Lanna you need to – that’s my new favorite lunch spot! We also realized that it was time to create a new look and image for our company, beginning with our dated website. We’ve gradually become more focused on promoting electrical safety and energy conservation over the last 14 years, so we needed to express that side of Tri-City Electric in a bolder way!

Moving is a great time to unload the junk. I can’t even begin to tell you how much stuff we got rid of during the recent move to our new office and warehouse locations – circuit breakers, panel boxes, wall outlets & receptacles, light switches, etc. A lot of it was old and non-compliant “junk”, but for some reason it just kept sitting there getting overlooked. The same was true of our website content – it became stagnant and we just kept our internet “junk” sitting around unnoticed by us (and apparently the internet world as well!). It’s amazing how quickly information can become inaccurate or irrelevant!!!

Take the opportunity to reflect and improve. As we went through our physical move (read – carry lots of heavy boxes!), it gave me ample time to reflect on our existing processes – everything from how incoming calls were handled by office staff to whether our certified electricians could improve the level of service we provide our customers while simultaneously increasing productivity. I also evaluated our marketing expenses to include the return I was getting from the various campaigns, and it became obvious right away that something wasn’t’ working. We were spending more than ever on phone book advertising and getting fewer and fewer calls. I learned how interactive websites and social media marketing could help Tri-City Electric and set out to make it happen.

Thanks to a great effort by our Tri-City Electric staff and the awesome team over at FE Marketing, we’re more streamlined than ever before both logistically and digitally. The boxes are unpacked and our new website has been launched.

Now it’s time to get back to work keeping you safe and saving you money!